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  • Article: Oct 31, 2014

    Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable today opened the BBSRC National Virology Centre, a state-of-the-art high-containment laboratory at the Pirbright Institute in Surrey.

    The pioneering £135m labs will enhance UK capability to prevent and control virus diseases of livestock and viruses that spread from animals to people.

  • Article: Oct 31, 2014

    During her visit to Bangladesh, Liberal Democrat International Development Minister Lynne Featherstone wrote the following article on the issue of ending child marriage.

    Imagine your life if you were married at 15, against your will, to an abusive husband. It's the same for almost all the women you know. Your education came to an abrupt end once you were married, and you're not allowed to have a job - other than having babies, that is. And because you got married young, you're probably experiencing some sexual and reproductive health problems.

  • key_wind-farm.jpg
    Article: Oct 31, 2014

    Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey has opened the West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm.

    The wind farm is located 20km of the Barrow-in-Furness coastline in North West England.

    West of Duddon Sands has 108 wind turbines and will be able to generate 389 MW of electricity, or put simply, enough to power more than 250,000 homes.

  • Article: Oct 31, 2014

    Liberal Democrat Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb is calling on retailers to behave more responsibly and not sell Halloween costumes that demonise mental illness.

    Norman warns that "schizo-patient" Halloween costumes are stigmatising people with mental illnesses.

    Liberal Democrats believe that mental health should never be ignored or stigmatised.

  • Article: Oct 30, 2014

    The UK's drugs laws need radical change, Liberal Democrat Home Office Minister Norman Baker has said today.

    Norman's call comes as the government publishes a major report on drugs policies around the world.

    The report finds that tough criminal sentences for drug users make no difference to the rates of drug use.

  • Clive Jones market
    Article: Oct 29, 2014

    Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham has met with Wokingham market stall holders.

    These traders are at the heart of Wokingham's market town along with the traders who make a living from the shops, cafes, hairdressers, pubs etc. They should be looked after.

    Market traders have been in Wokingham for over 800 years. As you enter the town you see signs that say, " Wokingham, Historic Market Town".

    "This is how it should stay", says Clive Jones.

    "Conservative plans for the town centre will seriously damage Wokingham's Market Town image. Look at the early stages of their regeneration plans. The refurbished buildings opposite the market and Town Hall are awful. Its 1960's architecture. Definitely not in keeping with an Historic Market Town. A complete lack of imagination." says Clive Jones.

    Our market traders need some support and some vision from Wokingham Borough Council.

    Firstly they should have cheap parking for their trade vehicles. (see note 1)

    Secondly, they need to have improved and up to date light and power sources. (see note 2)

    Thirdly, space needs to be created for more stalls. More stalls will encourage more shoppers to use the Town Centre improving the viability of the Town. (see note 3)

    Fourthly, something must be done about the uneven walkways and pavements around the Town Hall. (see note 4)

    "If the Council don't support these hard working traders they will disappear in the next few years and go to other market towns such as Richmond where there is a better understanding of the needs of local businesses. At the same time there needs to be support through local business rates for the owners of our small local shops". says Clive Jones.


    Contact for more information. Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Wokingham. 07720275212.

    Note 1. Currently the traders park in Cockpit path car park which is owned by Wokingham Borough Council. They pay £3 to park for 6 hours. They arrive at 06.30am and have to move at 12.30pm. When they do this they have to get someone to look after their stall. Other councils give traders a pass that costs the same but lasts for 12 hours meaning they don't have move during the day. Surely Wokingham could do the same.

    Cutting the number of car park spaces in Peach place to build more flats will damage the viability of the Town centre. Shoppers need to have somewhere to park.

    Note 2. There are 3 power sources around the Town Hall. Running several cables from them overloads them. Other more business friendly councils up and down the country have introduced power supply's that are right by each stall. This enables the stall holder who has a key to access them when they open in the morning and close them when they finish at night. This gives better lighting throughout the day helping to improve the ambiance of the area and hopefully sales as well.

    Note 3.There needs to be more space to encourage more stall holders. The last set of plans produced by the Tories showed that Denmark Street was being narrowed. The pavement was being widened on the side of the road where WH Smith is. Trees were planned for the other side of the road by the Town Hall. If the pavement was widened on the Town Hall side of the road more market stalls could be put there improving the viability of the market and the Town centre. A very simple idea but beyond our Conservative councillors.

    Note 4. Currently the walkways by the Town Hall and the pavements are uneven, these need to be levelled. More stalls could then occupy the same space helping to improve the viability of the town Centre.

    These changes will not cost very much. Certainly less than the Tories £95million.

  • Article: Oct 29, 2014

    Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Malcolm Bruce has written an open letter to Conservatives MPs following their accusations that the Liberal Democrats have blocked Bob Neill's EU Referendum Bill.

    You can read Malcolm's letter below.

    Dear Colleague,

    I am writing to correct the misinformation contained in Michael Gove's recent letter to parliamentarians, which accused the Liberal Democrats of 'killing' Bob Neill's European Union (Referendum) Bill.

  • Article: Oct 29, 2014

    The Conservatives have pulled the plug on their own EU Referendum Bill, despite being given the opportunity by the Liberal Democrats to take it before the House of Commons.

    Questions are now being asked as to whether this was a short term tactic to distinguish themselves form UKIP by being able to promise a referendum at the next election, which they couldn't have done if the Coalition had made it law.

  • Article: Oct 29, 2014

    Schools will be offered £2m to help them tackle homophobic bullying.

    The funds will be offered to charitable and not-for-profit organisations that suggest creative ideas to stamp out homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools across the country.

    Liberal Democrats want to stamp out homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying once and for all. You can show your support for this too by backing our campaign here.

  • Article: Oct 28, 2014

    Reacting to the news that the UK has fallen to 26th in the 'World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report', Liberal Democrat Minister for Women and Equalities Jo Swinson said:

    "Today's report shows that we need to take further action to tackle the inequality that still exists between men and women. That is why Liberal Democrats would introduce laws requiring large companies to publish their gender pay gap.